Thursday, November 11, 2010

more macaron love

orange macarons with chocolate filling for halloween:

husband doesn't especially like sweets {how i fell in love with a man who skips dessert is beyond me...} but he finally tried my macarons. and he loved them! i said i was surprised, and then he told me he was too. because he really didn't think he'd like them. well ha! i finally found a dessert he can't resist :)

but this batch? my absolute favorite. 

fresh strawberry buttercream {which i froze after making a batch in late september} with a dollop of chocolate in the middle.

so so yummy.
i'm becoming seriously obsessed. we may have these for thanksgiving this year.


  1. These are so impressive. I really need to perfect my macaron...I'd better get to work. The orange with chocolate remind me of little burgers.

  2. First of all those are so amazing, total skill right there.

    Secondly the orange ones remind me of little hamburgers :) So cute!

  3. do you know that i have never had a macaroon? but they look so delicious and pretty! i'll have to find some near me soon.

  4. those are so pretty!! i still have never had a macaroon. i think i need to try making some of my own!

  5. Nom! They're almost too pretty to eat. Well... almost.

  6. those look gorgeous! what recipe do you use? I've only tried making them with the recipe in the I Love Macarons book.

  7. secret? ...i've never had a macaroom... >.<

  8. I LOVE MACARONS! These look so good!