Friday, September 3, 2010

i'm no clothes horse

it's 5:45 AM and i'm up. why?


and i usually get up at 6 anyway. but today i'm up 15 minutes early. skipping those last 15 minutes i usually cherish so much. i just can't sleep anymore. because i have my very own photo shoot today. 
yup. me, a photographer's studio, and my violin.

you see, there's this magazine here in manhattan, {manhattan magazine} and they're writing a story about me! and i'm pretty excited about it. ok, super excited about it!
it's all about me as a violin teacher, and i'm kinda hoping some one reads it and says to themselves, "i must have this adorable person teach my child!"

but back to this photo shoot.
the photographer told me to bring a couple changes of clothes, and as soon as he said that i had the terrible feeling {probably not so unfamiliar for many of you girls} that i have absolutely nothing to wear. pure panic. {ok, gross over exaggeration- i have tons of clothes and didn't quite panic. but i was close}

so in this almost-panicked stated, i took photos of outfits, sent them to sisters {big, little, in-law, and pseudo} and made them spill about what worked and what didn't. i also made a trip to the mall, but came home empty-handed, because at the end of the day it turns out i don't really need anything new, so why buy it? of course, that didn't keep me from making a huge mess in the process and dragging out my entire closet!

i can't wait to see the whole story, and as soon as it's published i'll be sharing it with you!


  1. What fun to have a story written about you! Congrats :) And I'd panic too over what to wear, I panic over everything though.

  2. yayyy, congrats!! you'll look awesome :] have fun!

  3. Angie, this is awesome! And I would have gone through the same clothes crisis. I can't wait to see the story when it's published! I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

    Have a great weekend, Angie!

  4. Well, I have never seen anybody, and I mean ANYBODY put together funky stylish outfits and look gorgeous in them like you do. You will be absolutely fabulous in whatever you wear. In fact the other day, Grandma, Nancy, and I were looking in the window of Charlotte Ruse and Grandma said, "Now, WHO would wear that?!" (I'm sure you imagine the inflection and tone) And I said "Angie could totally pull that off and look great doing it!" (Grandma did agree with me, by the way.) Hope the photo shoot was tons of fun and I can't wait to see it and the article!

    ps It feels like fall here today so I am having a cup of hot tea. mmmm, tastes good!

  5. eek! i'm so excited because:

    1. i'm a psedu-sister


    2. you had a photo shoot today! yippee!!

  6. Can't wait! I'm really excited to hear about this, and hope it brings you new students! Violin is amazing.