Monday, August 30, 2010

look who's back...

i think i'm finally back to my not-so-stressed normal self. well, i'm still a bit cranky, but i'm working on that...
anyway, i thought i'd begin the school year by making cupcakes for the staff at work. which  sounds much more generous then it really was. in truth, i was given these wonderful gifts by my summertime kiddos, and they were burning a hole in my pocket. or cooking cupboard. whatever.
{martha stewart cupcakes and silicon cupcake papers}

i used martha's recipe for fresh strawberry buttercream, and piped that on top of lemon cake. so yummy! although, i don't understand why martha has to be so hoity-toity about things. i'm sorry, but not all of us have a stand mixer. i myself am getting by just fine with my little hand-held. of course, it did break while mixing the batter.....but that's not the point!


  1. Oooh, your cupcakes look just delicious! I do have a stand mixer, but honestly, sometimes I find it easier just to use the hand mixer. Did these cupcakes taste as delicious as they look??

  2. Oh man. Those are some seriously special looking cupcakes. Strawberry & lemon is a knockout combo! And they're pretty, too!

  3. yummm! and yeah, martha will always be hoity-toity haha. she can come buy me a kitchenaid while she's at it...!