Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the dad

i love my dad. he's amazing and probably {ok definitely} the funniest person i know {whether he tries to be or not}. every girl dreams of the day her dad gets to walk her down the aisle, but i got to dream of the day he would marry me to my future husband. he pulled double duty.

during the rehearsal, instead of practicing the vows {or whatever it is you're supposed to do} he quoted {word-for-world, complete with goofy accent} the princess bride wedding scene. 
"mawage. mawage is what bwings us togewah today...."
we had a good time.

and since he married us, crying during the ceremony was out of the question. one tear from me, him or hubby and we would have been a blubbering mess {i told my bridesmaids in no uncertain terms that when the cried {because they all did} there was to be no sniffing! i didn't want to blubber through my vows and that would have been impossible surrounded by a sea of sniffles}

but the father-daughter dance was different. while my sister sang eva cassidy's "over the rainbow"  with a jazz band, my dad and i got our moment together. to cry and laugh and celebrate just the two of us. it was easily one of my favorite moments of the day. and most days since then, too. 

because while the rest of the day belonged to hubby and i, for those few minutes, it was all about me and my dad.


  1. Gorgeous! It was such a beautiful day... :)

  2. Wonderful Dad shots, so special. You're very generous to share all this happiness!!

  3. Awe - so cute! You should totally link up over at One Fine Wire!!

  4. that is just so sweet and you melted my heart with that story!

  5. Goodness gracious this is the darlingest post I've ever read!