Tuesday, June 29, 2010

good things come in 3's

thanks everyone for all the warm wishes and congratulations! it's nice to come home to a warm reception.
anyway, while i was away, bestie sarah tagged me for this little game "3 about me", and now i'm playing along {i hope you do too!} 
3 names i go by:
la dawn 
{yes, i really get called these. in multiple combinations}
hubby always calls me "babe"

3 places i have been (or, the three places that have been influential in my life):
3 favorite drinks:
coffee (with lots of flavored creamer)
orange juice
3 jobs i have had:
teacher (of violin)
teacher (of child with autism)
program director for childcare program (my current job, which i love)
3 tv shows i watch:
30 rock 
the office
 arrested development {no it's not still on tv, and yes i still watch it}
3 places i would like to visit:
matsumoto, japan
3 fave retro tv shows:
{i'm gonna go ahead and call this retro}
3 favorite dishes:
butter chicken {indian}
pad thai
homemade guacamole {yeah, it's a dish at my house}

3 places I have lived:
kansas city, missouri
 grand rapids, michigan
manhattan, kansas {where i am now!}

3 things i am looking forward to:
moving some place new {only a year away!}
the next harry potter movie
my 4th wedding anniversary {only a month away!}

3 people i am tagging:
lauren {my pen pal!} from her silent musings 
abbie from abbiebabble


  1. yay for keeping "me in threes" alive! i loooove mojitos and pad thai and 30 rock as well! and now that i see you once lived in grand rapids, i'm thinking that's how you know sarah? your current hometown looks very pretty!

  2. My husband loves Arrested Development, which means I have seen it so many times. He swears they will bring it back. Happy anniversary. And bring on the next Harry Potter movie.


  3. Did you hear that next season is Steve Carrell's last on the Office?!

  4. Angie, I love this post! And thanks so much for tagging me...I can't wait to do it myself. You brought back so many good memories with those retro tv shows. And I completely support your elevation of guacamole to a dish. Especially when it's homemade.

  5. Aww, thanks for the tag!

    And guacamole totally counts as a dish. It counts as a whole meal!