Saturday, May 15, 2010

may day baskets!

i'm still reeling over all the wonderful comments you all left me yesterday! i feel very loved, indeed!i'll be visiting all my new followers soon- i'm so happy to make some new bloggy friends :)

so, since i was away i didn't get to post all my amazing may day baskets! and i literally can't wait any longer to share all the wonderfulness.
i got this little bundle of may day love from kellie over at the rice babies
i really love the fabric scraps, felt flowers, handmade earrings, and notecards.

plus this little fawn, which i hung up immediately. i love the handmade goodness <3

this package came from gabrielle at bee wise bags
oilcloth scraps, vintage hankies, pin cushion ring, notecards and grocery bag pattern {with all materials included}

i've already sent half of these cards out. i love them! and i'm loving the grocery bag {i'll have to show you that one later}

i also sent out my packages, too.

this one went to jess from the mundane adventures of miss jess
{i wrote the address wrong, so it got sent back to me, but hopefully it's there now!}

and this one went to kami at bellevue natural health

and of course, i couldn't leave out my bestie, so i sent her a few goodies, too

i had such a wonderful time with this swap and i hope you all did as well! thanks so much for joining the fun- let's do it again sometime, k?


  1. love it! all of them are so cute! :)

  2. I love the little fawn so much! You do the coolest things, how do you join in on these kinds of things?

  3. it didn't make it yet but i'm hoping for monday! i'm very excited :]

  4. What a fun blog.......A sleepless night so doing a little blog hopping....

    I have a Disney Giveaway on my main blog...Hope you will stop by.

  5. Angie, these may day baskets are fantastic! I wish I could have participated, but things have been too crazy with school. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!!

  6. ABSOLUTELY PLEASE!!! :) i had SOOOO MUCH fun!!! kellie is amazing isn't she? she wrote mine & max's initials on a tree!!! i'll have to let you know when i get my post on the swap up. It was so much fun!!!!


    ps. you give the prettiest gifts!!!!

  7. I LOVED getting mine and everything was so fun but I forgot to take a picture before I used everything, oops! Next year! Have a great day and I'm glad you loved my basket!

  8. everything you put on here is always so gosh darn cute!

  9. Very cute stuff! Just found you on SITS! New follower!

  10. Very cute stuff! Just found you on SITS! New follower!

  11. yayy i got it! and i love it!!! thanks dear ♥

  12. So cute! I hope I get my package in the mail soon... it still hasn't made it here! :( The suspense is killing me! :)