Tuesday, May 18, 2010

violin fingers

this past weekend i went to omaha to visit my family and play a gig with my sister- dinner music for my mom's women's retreat {the last one she planned before she moves to chicago in june}
 {and yeah, sister and i decided to match and wear black and yellow. cause we're awesome and never too old to be matchy-matchy}

i know it looks like we're just making goofy faces, but we're really that {some might say overly} dramatic. 
but whatever, we have fun.

and what was supposed to be 1 hour of dinner music, turned into 2 {which was fine with me, because little sister and i don't get many opportunities to play to together anymore and we had plenty of music} and if you've never seen a violinists fingers after 2 straight hours of playing {and a 20 minute warm-up} let me show you:
can you see all the little black lines? it looks really weird, but it doesn't last long. it had already mostly worn off 20 minutes later, when i took the photo. the little indentations from the strings are already totally gone.
it somehow feels oddly satisfying- like i've been playing super hard {which i guess, technically, i was}


  1. The matchy-matchy yellow/black is FABULOUS! :)

  2. you guys are way too adorable. makes me with i had a sister. oh wait... i have you! miss you way too much. and have fun catching up on glee, last weeks was awesome!

  3. (Hey, I finally got it to work!)

    You 3 look so cute in your coordinating outfits! Glad you got the opportunity to play with Joy again.

    Missing you!

  4. You and your sister look adorable in the matching yellow. There are days I wish I had a sister and days I'm glad I didn't because then I would probably have had to share a room.

  5. I love your color coordination... oh the dented fingers, two of my kids are learning to play and they moan over their fingers. :)