Sunday, April 11, 2010

my very first giveaway!

oh friends, have i got something special for you!
the wonderful people at csn stores {popular for their kid beds, among other things} let me peruse their websites, and find something special just for you. and man, i really wish i could enter my own giveaway.

and since i just couldn't decide which one i like best, i'll let the winner choose between:
 this songbird mirror
how good would this look at your place? pretty damn good, i think. and unique. i like unique.
this owly pillow
{i i'm going bird-themed with this one}
official giveaway rules:
1) be a follower.
2) leave a comment with your email address and which item you'd like to take home with you if you win. pretty easy.
3) if you want an extra entry, just mention this giveaway on your blog {leave another comment with a link to your post}
giveaway closes sunday, april 18 and the winner will be chosen by and announced on monday. 
good luck!


  1. AWESOME!!!!
    i like unique!!!! i love them both, but that mirror is awesome!!!!
    i am a follower!!!!

  2. hey girl! i would love the mirror! and you know i'm a follower!

  3. yayy :] i'm a follower (duh) and i like the mirror!


  4. congrats to your first giveaway! i have a thing for mirrors but that owl pillow reminds me of labriynth - hello david bowie!

    you know i'm a follower :)


  5. Seriously excellent first giveaway! I'm a follower -- check! And as for which one I'd like? The mirror please! It'd be perfect in my little apartment.

  6. ahh! i'm in love with all things aviary so this is so tricky! i've been trying to start up a nice throw pillow collection though so i think i would have to go with the owl-y pillow (the owl is my school's mascot too!) woo hoo for your first give away! (ps- i'm a follower!)

  7. Hi love! Congrats on the Giveaway! I love the owl, and I'm a follower of course! :)

  8. How fun! Love the mirror! I'm a follower.

  9. I would adore the mirror! What an amazing giveaway.


  10. oh i would love to own that mirror! (their other mirrors are cute as well!!!)

    (google friend connect follower under kshuttle)

  11. I'm a follower! (one among many)

    And I'd love to see that mirror in our hallway. It'd look great with all the 1923 woodwork. Everything in this house is still original...well...what's left. We're destroy...erm...remodeling a lot of it.


  12. Ah, forgot to include my email :)

    mesmer22 AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks and what a lovely giveaway :)

  13. i found you from a friends blog, and am now currently following you, love your blog its cute.

    i want to enter for that super pretty mirror

  14. I am a new follower and so glad I found your blog!

    Congrats on your first giveaway, you've chosen such lovely items! They're both awesome, but I'd go for the songbird mirror, it is just perfect for my room!


  15. New follower here, and I'll also be subscribing.

    That mirror... it's amazing! It'll fit in right along with my room (clouds&birds decor)~

  16. blog mention :

  17. Follower! :) And I lovvvve the owl pillow! I <3 owls!

  18. new follower! the mirror is awesome :-)

    carmasez (at) bellsouth (dot) net

  19. I'm a follower and I would LOVE that mirror! I know just where it would go!

    mamab.blogger (at)

  20. I'm following your blog and I just love that mirror (the pillow is cute too but I think I already have too many pillows lol).

  21. The pillow is so cool! Love it.

  22. Hip hip hooray for your first giveaway!

    I'm already a follower, of course. :) And I collect all sort of bird and owl goodies... I think the mirror gets my vote, but both prizes are fantastic.

  23. Hey girl I just found your bloggy through Sarah and it is SO CUTE!
    And I guess I came just in time for the good stuff. ha ha. These are both so completely cute! I like the birdy mirror maybe a tiny pinch better though. It's adorable!

    Well, hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you around!

  24. Now following!! :)

    I love the mirror! So sweet!

    :)Angela ~ Marang97

  25. I'm a follower! This is an awesome giveaway! Both are fantastic, but the owl pillow wins for me:)


  26. Love the beautiful mirror! Lanie at laniejandco dot com