Monday, April 5, 2010

bestie birthday package

i love it so much, i hung it on my door.
my lovely package from my bestie.
{how to describe it? accordion folding envelopes full of goodies, complete with a collage on the back} 
yes, i have the best friend in the world. i honestly have no idea how she did this, and how she made it so perfect, but it is!

i am one lucky girl.
{and in case you didn't know, today is her birthday! so make sure you go send her some birthday love, too!}


  1. The links for your bestie are linked up to your blog instead of hers...but I used my awesome powers of assumption and left my wishes over on Auburn Street :)

  2. Ooh, cuteness! Love a good birthday goody.

  3. This so cute and sweet!!!!

    Also, I got you an award on my blog:

    Happy Monday xx

  4. you two are PRECIOUS!!! you BOTH are so crafty!!

    i blogged about happy mail today, including a BEAUTIFUL one from you! the tags? LOVE LOVE LOVE! i will def. have to use one in my "may day basket" :) looking forward to your exchange!

    26 (like me) -- fabulous years for us!


    thank you thank you thank you!

  5. Oh dear. That IS the best birthday package I've ever seen.
    Happy happy birthday month!

  6. You two are made for each other I swear! Love it!!!