Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ye old sewing machine

i've been spending so much time with my sewing machine lately that i thought it was time i shared the story of its purchase with you.

many years ago, just before i went to off to college my mom bought me this oldish, but working, sewing machine at a garage sale. and it was great. i didn't use it a lot in those early college years, but i was comforted knowing that it was there, in the back of my dorm room closet. 

fast forward a few more years and i'm a newlywed. using my sewing machine a lot more (since i have my own little apartment now) and it stops working. so my wonderful new hubby says the first thing we're going to do is buy me a new machine for our first christmas together. yay! until then, i'll just borrowed my mother-in-laws.

so right after thanksgiving i go to the best sewing machine store in town, tell them what i'm looking for and lo and behold! they have the perfect machine for me, with all the features i want, and since it's refurbished, it's half price and has a 2 year warranty including any repairs it might need.

needless to say, i'm over-the-moon extatic and sad i have to wait until christmas to use it! {still just borrowing mother-in-laws}

so, sometime in january there's a problem and i take it in to get it repaired {which is pretty inconvenient because the shop is about 20 miles away}. i get it back a couple weeks later and it's fine. then a month later, the same problem: take it to get fixed, pick it up. and then it happens a third time. boo!
this time when i go to pick it up, they tell me that it's not a fixable problem, and they will credit me the money from that machine towards a different one. the only catch is that they don't have any similar machines in, so i either have to upgrade {a lot} or just wait indefinitely for one to come in. no refunds.

so hubby is pretty upset and he's explaining to the shop guy that we're newlyweds, and poor and this was my christmas gift, and 3 months later it's still not fixed properly. and we want our money back, which the guy says they can't do.
meanwhile, i start crying {you know, just tearing up a little} because i'm really really disappointed. {i hate crying in front of others, but i couldn't help it}
so they guy sees this, visibly feels bad, and basically says "ok! here, have a new machine!" 

so, i got myself a brand new, way more expensive machine. 
and all was right with the world <3

edit:  i'm not a big fan of pink, but somehow you have made me wish my machine was pink!
i guess the lighting in the photo is weird...standard white :(


  1. OMG! THAT IS AWESOME! YOU STARTED CRYING!!!! YES! You are my hero. WOOO!!!!!

    Is it pink? OMG i love it.

    I wish my stupid sewing machine was broken. If you lived close to me i would suggest we sew together. (-:


  2. Hello!! I think your blog is sooo great!! Soooo--
    I have awarded you the "ONE SWEETALICOUS BLOG AWARD" please come by my blog for the details :)

    Have a SWEET day!!!


  3. hahaha thats great. something similar happened to me, where basically i got a refund when it was way past the day you could return it. now i have a singer simple machine, which has worked like a charm ever since :]

  4. I think I want a sewing machine now. And I love that you ended up with a pink one. That's just awesome

  5. this is quite possibly one of the sweetest little stories i've ever read:) i'm so happy you got that machine! i don't sew but can understand exactly how you felt with other things in my own life. good read:)

  6. this post is so wonderful. i love it! so happy a new machine can bring you so much happiness! enjoy it! i hope you dont rid your old machine, use it decorations!

  7. What a great story. I'm sure the guy at the store was just following policy when he told you they couldn't give you your money back... but thats just awful in this case. In the end though they did the right thing!

    And upgrading you to a better machine probably makes up for all the headache you went through for 3 months. I hope you love your new it!

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  9. What I LOVE is that, because I know you two in real life, I can envision this entire scenario taking place. You guys are wonderful - and so is your machine! :)

  10. that is an adorable story! my sewing machine was also a gift (from my mom), I hope it last me a lifetime, I can't imagine having to buy another!

  11. I love this story! Thank you for sharing!

  12. It does look pink, doesn't it. I'm so jealous of this story. Reminder to self: use tears!