Friday, February 19, 2010

valentine's swap

i'm back and all healthy again! {finally} thanks for all the warm wishes earlier this week <3
and now, as promised, my wonderful valentine's day swap cards:
breakfast at tiffany's card from micaela {who can no longer say she isn't crafty!}

from gayle {i just love the pattern combinations. so sweet}

from erin {with help from her boys} complete with a tea bag

from michelle {loving the grade-school nostalgia}

from caitlin {got a little squished in the mail, but i adore the feather and lace}

and one more, from my sweet mom, who also sent a little gift card so hubby and i can have a night out :)

i loved doing this swap! it always put a big smile on my face to receive a sweet handmade card. thanks to everyone who participated {and lets do another one soon, k?}


  1. yay! i loved the swap it was so fun! great cards:)

  2. Oh dear, looks like my card got a bit crumpled in the post. I hope the recipe and cookie cutter were in the envelope?!

  3. I had soooo much fun being a part of this and meeting new friends. I adored each of my cards and got my last one today so I'll be posting about this soon :)


  4. Those are so cute! I miss swapping Valentine's cards.

  5. Fun swap, thanks! We'll definitely need to do another soon. I'm thinking about hosting an Easter swap of some kind over at my place... whaddaya think?

  6. I am so glad you are feeling better!! I have Photo Tagged you! And you are now It!

    Check out this link:

    Have a great weekend!