Saturday, February 13, 2010

questions answered

my answers to all your oh so personal quesions!
#1: maire-jolie asked, "what brought you to manhattan? did you attend (or are you attending) k-state? if so, what did you/are you studying?"
i moved to manhattan {kansas} so my husband can attend k-state university. he is getting his masters in english literature, with emphasis in both the cultural studies program and rhetoric program. personally, i think he's one of the smartest guys i know. but then again i'm biased :)
i am currently done with school and don't plan on going back anytime in the near future. i'm perfectly fine with my bachelors degree in music!

#2: pen.ny asked, "how long have you been married? when you and the hubs fight (if you do!) what is the best way you guys resolve the icky moments?"
3 1/2 years! {august 5, 2006}
when josh and i fight {as everyone does} i don't know if there's anything we specifically do, but we definitely have don'ts. we don't call names, or say things out of spite. we keep comments relevant {we don't change the subject or try to turn it around on the other person} and most importantly- we never go to bed angry! {which has led to several late nights} but we never let things fester. we never go to bed less than happy again <3

#3: julie asked, "if you had one day to live over again, what would it be and why?"
i'm sure this is predictable {or cheesy maybe} but i would love to live my wedding day all over again. every little part! {even the part when my sister forgot the ring} i figure the "why" part is self-explanatory.

#4: melissa b. asked, "how did you get into blogging, and when? do you see yourself as a long-time blogger, or is this just a fling?"
i started blogging pretty much the day i moved to kansas. it was mainly to keep in touch with family- a semi-joint venture with best friend sarah {who also started hers the day she helped me move} and to give me a journal of sorts to chronicle this new adventure we're on.
i think i'll keep blogging as long until it no longer makes sense for me. or i don't like it anymore {so no specifics here!} but i love it {and the community} too much for it to be just a fling.

#5: jennifer asked, "the tomato? where did that come from?"
ok, there's a story here! {i can't believe i haven't shared it already, and it probably should have it's own post, but here it is anyway}:
hubby: angela dawn! {my name}
friend brian: wait, is your middle name la dawn?!?
me and hubby: *laughing* no!
friend brian: *with heavy french accent* angela la dawn! angelina la dawn! angelina le dawn! {and     on and on} ok, what's your maiden name? {starts with a t} t...t...t... tomato!
 hubby and friend brian: *with outrageous french accent and flailing hand gestures* angelina la dawn tomato!
a bunch of other friends then came over, joined in, and a nickname was born.

#6: krysten asked, "what is your favorite book and why?"
so many favorites! but of course pride & prejudice and persuasion. but a new favorite is flight. it's written by sherman alexi, a native american author, and it's a small book but very profound. i can't do any kind of synopsis justice, and i don't know how available it is at most local libraries, but if you can get your hands on it, read it!

#7: sarah and olivia asked, "Where is your favorite place to hide?"
what a great question! a couple years ago we took a little weekend trip with 2 other married couples {very dear friends} and we played a rousing of "manhunt" {read:hide-and-go-seek-in-the-dark for adults} and my absolute favorite place to hide was under the seats in the last row of the in-home theater {which was just one of many cool features in the condo we stayed in}. i still think of that little place fondly!

"what is your favorite ice cream?"
when hubby and i were first getting to know each other we played a game of "what's your favorite..." and he asked me this once too. when i said i didn't have a favorite he thought i was totally copping out, but then i tried to list one. or two. or ten. so the answer really is- i don't have a favorite because i love all ice cream! true love.

"what do you think of your hair?"
read my thoughts on my hair here, and see my new haircut {that i absolutely love} here

"did you like pushing daisies?"
i really liked pushing daisies and i can't believe it's gone! the sets, the costumes, the characters! all so charming.

#8 michaela asked, "what's your favorite movie and why?"  
i don't watch a lot of movies, but i do have quite a few favorites. i literally grew up watching {singing and dancing} to musicals, so they're a big love. movie to watch over and over again? life aquatic with steve zissou. i love the characters, the actors, the music, the dialogue. love it over and over again.

"favorite quote from a book?
a couple years ago i read hunting unicorns by bella pollen and the main character {daniel} says, 
"it's wrong to say time is a great healer. it isn't. what happens is that you get used to things."
"if there were more obvious clues to why people behaved the way they did, the world would surely be a nicer place."
they have both really stuck with me.

"when did you know your love was the one?"
saving this one for later  :)

thanks for all the great questions. i hope you enjoyed!


  1. Nice to learn more about you! And I LOVE that first quote, because I believe that's more accurate than time actually healing things. Time can't heal, but God can. Time just allows him the room and space he needs to do the healing.

  2. angelina le dawn angelina le dawn!!!!

    i love the answers to your questions, although i could have answered half of them (or more!) for you... that's the mark of a best friend, eh??

    also, miss you way more than is allowed. currently waiting expectantly for you to call me back.

  3. i loved reading your answers!!!! :) and the quotes... those ARE profound.

    thanks for indulging us angelina la dawn tomato ;) cute story on that one.

  4. What an adorable nick name - I love your blog layout :) I really liked pushing daisies too - I miss their quirky lines and the pie hole. Stopping by via SITS!

  5. You and your husband are a beautiful couple!

  6. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous! You should totally join me on Wedding Wednesdays! :)

  7. I'm so happy you wrote this post and everyone asked such awesome questions (I think I missed the solicitation to ask some). I'm particularly thrilled that I finally know the secret behind your nickname. And your wedding photos are just awesome. You and your hubs make the cutest couple -- I so want to live next down the road from you two so I could bring baked goods over and play scrabble or some other fun game.

  8. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day. Lia

  9. Such great pictures you posted! I loved the wedding photos, your dress and flowers were beautiful. Loved the colors in the bouquet!
    What great answers to all of these questions- I thoroughly enjoyed reading the history of the tomato in your name- I was always wondering this myself! Your answer to my question was pretty spot on with mine! Never go to bed angry- it was nice to hear someone else has late nights because of this rule too! My S can't stand it (sometimes it goes wayyyy later than we think) but is always grateful in the morning.

    Lovely post! Hope you have a lovely Valentines day Angelina!