Tuesday, February 9, 2010

haircut and what i wore

feels a little strange to have a post just about myself, but here it is- my haircut!

i decided to go shorter than i originally planned {cause i really like it short} and it's pretty versatile for me cause i can wear it wavy, too {i'm naturally wavy} 

and here's "what i wore"
{i've seen this on lots of blogs, and i'm not a real clothes horse, but since i've got all these photos of myself i thought i might as well show you}
necklaces: grandma's
grey vest: forever 21
black baby doll dress {with long sleeves and cowl neckline}: from my mom, who decided we should share it, but so far i love it too much to let her have a turn {sorry mom!}
old favorite jeans: vigoss

photos taken friday before dinner with friends


  1. love the new do! i wish i could go short.

    there's those boots i wish i owned! they are so awesome!

    i loved seeing your wardrobe.

  2. Your hair is absolutely adorable! I almost want to chop mine off (only "almost" though, I know short hair wouldn't look good on me).

  3. That's a cute hair cut partnered with a cute outfit! You look so adorable. :)

  4. i love you're haircut and your style and you're so adorable!

  5. What a cute haircut! I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think we should be blog friends :) Just sayin :)

  6. I think that haircut looks great on you and I love those boots!

  7. Oh Angie you are so cute! I wish more than anything that I was naturally wavy... my hair is bone straight as you know. Booo....

  8. You look amazing! Super adorable!

  9. very cute hair!
    also, I just started a blog so I'm trying to get used to it :-)

  10. IT TURNED out so GREAT. You look so good with this cut! Great job! (Or not YOU but your hairstylist)

    Good cuts make me happy and are HARD to find!

  11. Such a cute haircut AND a cute outfit.

    All in all, one cute lady!

  12. So very, very cute! I like your blog! :)

  13. ah, i love that your necklaces are from your grandma. i have my grandmother's wedding ring and it is my most cherished possession.