Tuesday, January 12, 2010

word #2

in a series of words about me and my bestist bestie.
this word is sure to pop up quick

it's one of my favorite things to do, and something i love to do with sarah especially.

it also reminds me how we became besties to begin with: we were in the same {horrible} spanish class, and found ourselves working together on a group project {with her future hubby, who was already in my circle of friends}. concentrating on the project at hand became difficult because study sessions constantly turned in to "shirt parties" {that's what we called them}.
a lot. 
and thus our creative and friendship bond was formed, never yet to be broken. we're talking instant connection. instant understanding and acceptance. that's hard to find. and even though we all hated that class, and some of us {read: me} barely passed- we're left with very fond memories. cause i met my best friend there.

not to mention that sarah is one of the most creative people i know. she's constantly coming up with new and wonderful things. {just stop by her apartment and you'll agree}

i could go on and on about her excellent taste, eco-friendly mentality, and all around original innovations, but i won't. i'll save it for next time
{and there will be more}

and so now, separated by so many miles and space, our friendship is something i cherish and cling to {for dear life!}. something i can't live without, and certainly don't want to!

now, go stop by my bestie and see what she has to say!
{and while you're there, ask (no beg!) for a video tour of her apartment}

and stop by tomorrow to find out what we've got cooked up for valentines day. i think you're gonna love it!


  1. okay. this is amazing. you are so kind to say such things about me.

    i love my best friend!

  2. i love best friends! lol. it's interesting that you and your best are crafty together because me and my peaches are both writers (she a poet, i a "novelist"). :D

  3. This is the best! True friends are so lovely!

  4. French Picnic is stopping by to see how you are. Have PEAR-fect day!

  5. this made me miss my best girls so much. (we too are separated by miles and miles). they are too lovely for words.

  6. Awesome word. And post.
    I miss my friends fiercely. I need to find some good girlfriends in San Diego.