Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i think it's time you met

amidst a gray and foggy week here, i feel like a little ray of sunshine :) 
it's just been one of those good weeks, i guess. made better today because i got my violin out and just played {after months} it felt so good!  the bruch g minor- just like riding a bike {a rusty, slightly pitchy bike, but a bike none the less!}
so, dear friends, i think it's time you met my wonderful companion:
his name is leonardo. and if you don't already know this, it's pretty normal for people to name their instruments- my sister once named her cello after a favorite uncle, and a young student of mine once named his violin "frank" and his bow "stein". {get it? frank and stein. so cute.}

i, on the other hand, chose leonardo- part ninja turtle {to kick some musical ass!} and part renaissance artist {fitting, i think}
and just in case you wanted to see it as well, here's the photo in the background that i always carry in my case:  
{my sister and i in italy, 2002}

it always brings me a little sunshine on cloudy days.


  1. I could go for some pitchy violin right about now. How old do you have to be before you can start learning one of those things?

    My best, Lynn

  2. i name everything. my car, my gps, my couches.... really everything. it makes it more fun.

    love the picture you keep with leonardo. its lovely.


  3. i love naming things. also love leonardo. he's beautiful.

  4. I've always wanted to play an instrument as lovely as Leonardo. All I can do is sing.
    "Frank and Stein" -- very cute.

  5. You visited my site in December and I'm finally getting a chance to return the comment favor. I name my cars! The minivan is Mulder. Because it's a brooding, cool color and I loved X Files. The name helps keep the m-van cool. :)
    I've played the piano my whole life and hope one of my girls picks up the violin so we can duet.

  6. P.S. - that bra post is coming up soon! I'm putting together the little video for it. :)