Sunday, January 17, 2010

baby talk

my sister babysits for two little twin babies {about 18 months now} and sees them a few times a month. she's been doing this for at least a year, so they know and love her. they came over last night to spend the day with us and it was quite an adventure.

husband is pretty leary of babies, but he spent a fair amount of time with them, which led to quite a few funny conversations {by which i mean he talks to the babies. like they're 9}. here are my favorites:

josh comes downstairs to find a twin with no pants on and he says, in all seriousness: "where are your pants, baby? you need to put some pants on."

the twins are both sitting on the kitchen floor playing with josh and he says: "alright, you need to master object permanency. just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't still exist, ok babies?"

my hubby. the future college professor. totally cracks me up.
photo here


  1. hahahaha- it's so interesting to see how guys react to babies. i'm a total baby person- the kind that talks to them on subways and can immediately point out all the babies the second i walk into a room. i sometimes forget that some people aren't though. too funny.

  2. My boyfriend use to be really awkward around his two and a half year old niece but now he is her favorite playmate!! You should have seen us all running around with paper bags on our heads, pretending to be monsters.

  3. Chuckle... men can be so funny. But then again, so can babies. :)

  4. hahaha that's so adorable.

  5. my hubs will do that too with Olivia. He go on and on about science things and Olivia will just look at him and laugh :)

  6. I saw this today & it totally reminded me of your post!