Tuesday, December 8, 2009

winter weather take 2

now this is more like it!
although we're still in kansas. the proof:
they predicted 14" but we've only got 2-3" so far,
all the schools are closed,
and they plow with tractors. awesome.

but still like home {michigan} cause the roads suck!

we put aria to work cleaning the porch:
{she really likes snow}

other reminders of home: hubby finally found the 24/7 npr station {yay!} and today i listened to talk of the nation for the first time since moving. hearing neil conan's voice was like reconnecting with an old friend
{i used to listen everyday while driving to work}


  1. Isn't it funny how your favorite radio station can make any place feel like home? I love that.

  2. We're hoping for snow next week...right before our Christmas break. Cross your fingers! ;)

  3. haha - aria is SO adorable!
    & you've more snow than we do at the moment. i'm jealous!

  4. MERRY SITSmas!! I am loving your blog.

    So much snow!! And oh my goodness look at that awesome "where the wild things are" costume ^0^


  5. Your cat is hilarious! :) Thought I'd give you a snow update from West Michigan... blizzard warning today. Yikes!

    Yea for finding NPR!

  6. Hi A. Thanks for dropping by tonight to say hello. Snow? It was 55 degrees today here which is very unusual and I didn't venture out all day. You are a warrior! :)