Saturday, December 12, 2009

play in the snow!

today i went to the paul bunyoan park with a young friend of mine and played in the snow for hours.
or just one hour.

{paul bunyan lives in the paul bunyan park}

we made a snowman! and were then faced with an eternally difficult question. a sophie's choice of sorts...

do we save it for others to enjoy, or...


i think we made the right choice :)


  1. i think so too. although mr. snowman was awfully cute!

  2. What a sweet face that Snowman had! I would have left it for others but then one of my kids would have definitely smashed it, how fun!

  3. Your snowman was so cute! It's fun destroying them, though!

  4. LOL, nice work here! Paul would be proud! I'm in Georgia where it doesn't really snow all that much, but I wish it would. Makes me feel like a kid again. So, happy, happy holidays. Just snooping around. Keri AKA Sam