Friday, December 4, 2009

christmas stories from mom #1

 my mom has so many wonderfully funny and heartwarming christmas stories from my parents' work at the salvation army, and i personally can't resist a great story {especially from my mom} so i thought for the month of december i would ask her to be a guest blogger of sorts and tell me some of her favorites.

i hope you enjoy the stories as much as i do!

{dictated over the phone}:
 "well, this isn't a funny story but it's a heartwarming story i really love. 

we were doing adpot-a-family {donors provide their adopted family with all their food, gifts and clothing for christmas} for the first time in sioux city, iowa and we arranged for the donors to bring the purchases to the corps rather than take it to the homes of the people who'd signed up so that the families had privacy. so we were surprised when we got a phone call asking if a donor could deliver. it was the 85th air battalion. they requested a single mom with boys and we found a mother who had 4 boys. then they asked if they could deliver to their house and we explained that we couldn't do that because we wanted to retain the privacy of the family. but they asked if they could get permission to deliver any way. i was extremely reluctant to hear them out, however, they were persuasive. when i heard their argument we did change our minds because they delivered the christmas packages and food in a tank. and it was a christmas never to be forgotten by those boys when they came rolling in.

 the paper covered it. and the boys got to ride on the tank and got lots of attention from airmen who were so kind and had such a great idea. it was very impressive."

such a wonderful story. 
 my heart is quite warm now. yours too?

{photos via here and here}


  1. Nice story! Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!

  2. Warmed already and loving it! (Especially since I'm military--Air Force baby!) Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. That is beautiful. My sister also has four boys and even though she is not single there are many a times she feels so. It's beyond glorious when children get to experience the joys of life.:) Great post!

  4. Happy SITS day. I love that story. I know my boys would love it if a tank showed up at my house. Come to mention my hubby would like it to since he is a Marine. Thanks for the wonderful story. Yes my heart is warm too.