Thursday, December 17, 2009

the mitten

i'm back in michigan today! {finally}
i'm so excited to see all my family and friends :)
that being said, i probably won't be around here a lot, but i promise to catch up with all my bloggy friends when i get back home to kansas.

until then, i leave you with this {a new christmas favorite}


  1. Excellent choice of music. Have a fantastic time with your family and friends in Michigan!

  2. Have fun in Michigan! I love the Brian Setzer Orchestra!

  3. So glad your spending time with the fam & friends...have a happy one:)

  4. I'm tapping my foot to that song! :-)

    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a VERY Merry Christmas!!!

  5. I'm in Michigan, too - but I live here, so it's not a big deal. ;-) Safe travels!

  6. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you much happiness in 2010!