Saturday, November 14, 2009

simple pleasures

i've been making mental lists again and i thought i'd share some of my life's simple pleasures

1) a good nights sleep
possibly one of life's best simple pleasures, no?

hot showers
i love taking nice (and i'm sorry to admit) long showers.
it's like a mini bubble bath. and who doesn't love a good hot bath?

smiles from strangers
one of my favorite things about kansas so far is how friendly everyone is!
one smile can really perk you up, and it reminds me to smile too :)

4)sense and sensibility

it's no secret that i love jane austen, and while this isn't my favorite book of hers, it is my favorite movie. emma thompson and kate winslet? amazing!
and i'm also in love with the new bbc version which is longer, giving you more to love.
is it weird that in my top 10 list of favorite movies i have two versions of the same book?

care to share some of the simple pleasures on your list too?


  1. I completely agree with you on all counts. Have you seen the BBC's most recent version of Emma? I've been obsessively watching it for the last few days. It's so very good.

  2. No NOT weird at all that you have both Sense and Sensibilities on your list! I love both versions for very different reasons.

    Sleep, hot showers and smiles from strangers are truly lovely.

  3. can i add random gmail chats with my best friend who lives too far away??

    and the way my puppy wiggle his whole body around when i get home from work.

    and going to bed early on a saturday night just to cuddle.

    and the hold system at the library.

    i could go on and on...

  4. I agree definitely a good night's sleep, preferable with my cats joining me!

    Playing with my pets (cats and dog).

    Going out to eat.

    Walking in the park through the woods.

    Playing tennis.

    Just chatting with friends.

  5. i LOVE sense and sensibility! i'll have to check out the bbc version, their pride and prejudice is delightful!

  6. Since you like Jane Austen i'd recommend "According to Jane" by Marilyn Brant. It's about a girl who has Jane Austen in her head - literally. :)

    Let's see what i do i love? Curling up with a good book, snuggling with my husband, chilling out with good friends over a glass of wine and a yummy home cooked dinner. :)

  7. such a lovely lovely list!
    hot showers are the best! :)

    i really love random acts of kindness!

  8. Great list!

    I love cold nights in front of a fire (which we NEVER have in Texas).

    A blue, blue sky.

    Holding a childs hand.

    Hugging my black lab that I am still (after 7yrs) madly in love with.

  9. a good night's sleep is priceless! I actually need some very badly at the moment ;) have a wonderful day!

  10. I have to say these are mine:

    Getting hugs and kisses from my toddler and from my baby.

    The smell of rain.

    Being under warm covers on a cold morning.

    Listening to baby giggles

  11. i love your simple pleasures list, esp. SENSE & SENSIBILITY!

    esp. this excerpt from it:

    "She was sensible & clever, but eager in evertyhing; her sorrows, her joys, could have no moderation."

    describes me to a T!

    some on my list:

    puppy kisses

    church with my family

    girl nights

    movie previews