Monday, November 30, 2009

lovely {blog awards}

i've gotten a few bloggy awards passed my way lately and it's time to share!

lauren elizabeth sent me this:

{share ten true things about yourself}
read my list here.

thank you so much to my new bloggy friends for sending some love my way :)
and now i'm passing it on

the honest scrap award to:
brandi.not your average ordinary {always cute with great photos and finds}
kathryn.a nerd and a free spirit {a fellow young couple, the title says it all}

one lovely blog award to:
sarah.auburn street {my best friend and true lover of all things vintage}
caroline.salsa pie {adorable creative blog}

the heartfelt blogger award to:
joanne.the balancing act {great blog about life from a great friend of mine} boots {i love her 'letters to 16-year-old self me' series}

go check out these bloggers and send them a little love too!


  1. Awww - thanks! That's awesome. Now I have to start thinking about ten things about myself to share! (-:


  2. Congrat to all! I love awards, so much fun! Stopping by from SITS! Hope you'll do the same. Have a great day tomorrow!

  3. Oh, I love awards! Congratulations! Lauren Elizabeht is my daughter's name...that caught my eye.
    Stopping by from have an adorable blog!

  4. Thank you so much! I am speechless and super flattered because, as you know--I am a fan of your awesome blog as well!

    p.s. I have been missing blogging this week, my computer is in TN at the Best Buy repair center. Two hard drives in 2 years, means this time they might just give me a new computer (fingers crossed!)

  5. thanks for the award, tootsie!

    i miss you WAY.TOO.MUCH. December 18, you can't come fast enough!