Sunday, October 11, 2009

weekend stories part I

i had such an incredible weekend. i was sad to see sister and father-in-law (alicia and jon) leave this morning (at 6 am)
i have so many things to share (photos and stories) from the weekend, so i'm going to break it up a little.

first up, our visit to tuttle creek!
we went
down to the lake friday early-evening and the weather was beautiful!
sunny, cloudless, and crisp.
i got a little lost getting to the water, but luckly it was a gorgeous drive so we didn't mind too much
it was the perfect way to end our tour of the city

alicia did some frog-catching (she did catch one but then immediately dropped it on a rock)
and we all did a lot of poking things with sticks and turning over rocks

i love these guys!
look how happy manhattan made them:

and mother-in-law, don't worry, i'm sending you a disc with all these photos so you can have them too :)

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  1. Yes, they do look happy. They were so excited to come and visit and sad when they had to leave you there! I would love to have a disc with the pictures! See you at Christmas! Love you!