Friday, October 2, 2009

pumpkin season

after seeing so many gorgeous pumpkins around lately i was inspired to get some and carve them to pieces last weekend. i picked out two beautiful pumpkins, which i found very difficult because i wanted to buy them all! (i would line our apartment in a variety of bright pumpkins and various gourds if i could)

unfortunately things didn't turn out so well.
sitting outside for hours is what got my allergies all out of control (but they're all better now). and then this happened:
since i've never actually carved a pumpkin i had no idea what to expect, which is that it's hard work (and i deceived myself by believing my skills with an exacto knife would help) but it was still very enjoyable anyway. but in less than a week it shriveled up and died!!

i carved swirls all over and most of them fell out after about 3 days.
you can even see the battery-operated candle inside.
oh well, it looked good for a little while....
i also toasted the pumpkin seeds (which i haven't done in years!) and you can see that i already cut the lid in the second one in preparation for more carving! but instead i think i will get out the paints and do some kind of faux carving. this way i can stay inside (and save myself) and not do any carving (and save the pumpkin)
i also think i'll buy another one, cause i really did have my heart set on two....

more updates (about the kittens) coming soon!

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