Saturday, October 31, 2009

let the wild rumpus start!

max (probably up to no good, as usual)

flapper girls (birthday girl on the left)

coraline! (complete with alternate reality doll)

max and me!

photos from last night's halloween/birthday party
dinner at chili's followed by many rousing rounds of mafia! at said birthday girl's house
fun was had by all! (and my makeup held up pretty well, all things considered)

oh, and also josh let me tell his hair cut story. which is hilarious.
"i made a mistake didn't I?!?"
love it :)

i can't wait to see everyone else's costumes 


  1. you guys look great! I love the clever use of pipe cleaners. and angie, you make a simply adorable doe!

  2. Cute costumes!! I haven't actually heard the hair cut story.....