Monday, September 21, 2009


i had a great weekend! i didn't get to hang out with my parents much, but i spent a lot of quality time with my sister and sarah (the special music guest and a friend from high school). we laughed a lot and told stories about poking eyes and grinding teeth and funny crying stories (pretty much completely from me) it was a good time. anyway, on to the photos!
my mom and i outside of an adorable local shop (i want to live inside it)

one of the best parts of the weekend: i got my violin back! ahhh, it was so nice to play again.

joye and i also played a wedding too.
we're practicing outside:

the one family photo we managed to get.
everyone just happened to be together so i ran over and we struck a pose
good thing all our eyes were open because we only had time to get one:

my mom. she's cute:

banana phone.... doot do da do doot do
(sarah and joye)
i can't wait for the holidays! i love being together with friends and family. i miss you all!!


  1. cute photos - and waaaay cute outfit!

  2. Cute pics! I too, love the dress....did you make it? Glad you could enjoy some time with your family.
    love you!

  3. Was a BLAST. Hope to do it again. I <3 Trimmells.