Friday, September 25, 2009

(johnny) cache

for those of you who don't know already (probably most of you) today josh and i adopted a new kitten!
his name is cache, he's orange and white and 3 1/2 months old. i'll be (taking) posting photos soon!

we've been thinking about getting a second cat pretty much since we got arie, but since josh's family decided to get a second one (this week) it really spurred us into action.

arie is doing ok. we really want her to like cache so they can be a playmates (and keep each other company) so we're taking things pretty slow. they're in seperate rooms and although arie has hissed a couple times, she mostly seems interested and not threatened.

so now that we have a new kitty addition i have decided a few things:

1- mom/dad/sister-in-law- no more kitties for you! we are done, therefor i believe you must be done as well :)

2- grandma and mike- you must come visit soon because i know you would not want to miss meeting our new addition!

3- josh and i are awesome at adopting! and while we are done with kitties, i think that we should consider adopting other things in the (distant) future...

more updates to come. for now i'm going to sleep (in the living room) which cache.

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  1. Okay, we will be done adopting kittens....we are very happy now with our boy and girl! I hope things are going well with your two.